Create an Elegant Seating Chart Poster for your Wedding Reception

No graphic design skills needed.

Need to create a seating chart poster quickly but don't know how?

You've been waiting for your guests to RSVP, so you had to wait until the last minute to create your seating chart.

At last, you've figured out your seating chart, but don't know how to create some kind of poster that will guide your guests to their table at your wedding reception (or other big event). And the date is quickly approaching!

You're Not Alone

We've been through that as well. There are some DIY templates you can buy online but they can be clunky, difficult to use, and very limiting. You could hire someone to create it for you, but that may be expensive and may take a long time, and you need it yesterday! So, what can you do?

The Solution is Here

PrintableMaker helps you create your custom print-ready seating chart poster easily and quickly. Simply follow a few guided steps and you'll be downloading your printable poster in no time.

After you enter or upload your guest list and customize your poster, a print-ready file will be automatically generated for you, which you can immediately download as PDF, JPG, or PNG. Print it at your local print shop or with one of many printing services online.

Poster screenshot

How it Works

With a few easy steps you'll be downloading your print-ready poster in a snap.

Select a Size

Choose the poster size that best accommodates your guest list.

Enter Your Guests

Enter your guest list by uploading a simple spreadsheet file or editing manually.


Enter your own heading, choose font style and size for each of the elements on your poster.


Get a full preview to see exactly what your poster will look like.

Check Out & Download

Download your print-ready poster immediately after checking out.

Print it Yourself

Print it at your preferred local or online printing services shop.